UltronSwap: A Decentralized Exchange with Supreme Features

Ultron Foundation
4 min readJul 12, 2023

Ultron Swap, a state-of-the-art decentralized exchange (DEX) running on the Ultron chain.

Introducing UltronSwap

Ultron, the fastest-growing Layer-1 blockchain company, once again tackles the blockchain trilemma with the release of Ultron Swap, a state-of-the-art decentralized exchange (DEX) running on the Ultron chain. It was developed to process the exchange of Ultron’s native coin — ULX, with multiple crypto assets.

Ultron Swap is one of the dApps in Ultron’s ecosystem with features that provide users multiple earning opportunities and leverage a cost-effective, fast, and secure blockchain system and the farming and staking features in the DEX.

Why should I use UltronSwap?

A truly decentralized platform, Ultron Swap allows users to trade securely without needing a central authority by having smart contracts. The smart contracts written on the system are legal agreements made from open-sourced codes. This algorithm is essential to maintain a seamless and logical execution of each transaction on Ultron Swap Dex. Users can review the code anytime for bugs or errors. With smart contracts, none of the users are in control; once uploaded into the blockchain, it cannot be changed or amended. At UltronSwap, safeguards are in place to ensure all smart contracts are secure with resiliency against attacks.

Smart contracts also allow users to be 100% anonymous. By eliminating the need for a central authority, the submission of identity requirements becomes unnecessary. In addition, smart contracts are capable of running large amounts of data, thereby completing transactions within seconds.

What is the Ultron Swap Advantage?

Running on the Automated Market Maker (AMM) Method, Ultron Swap allows users to trade with pools of funds known as liquidity pools. Managed by an algorithm that determines the price of the ULX coins, users do not need to wait for other users to match their price to finish the transaction.

AMM algorithm manages the value of the tokens by executing this logic: If the user sells more tokens, the price becomes lower until someone on the other side starts doing the opposite (buying more). The AMM algorithm logic stabilizes the token’s value without plummeting or surging in the market.

Ultron Swap houses the cross-chain bridge feature that allows users to swap between different blockchains conveniently. Currently, the Ultron chain bridges from BNB chain, Ether chain, Polygon, and Fantom. However, the dev team at Ultron emphasized that they are open to bridging more assets depending on how the market moves.

One of the attractive features of Ultron Swap is the high farming APR which ranges up to 104% APR. Crypto investors can use pairs of USDT, USDC, ETH, BTC, BNB, MATIC, AWAX, LINK, CAKE, DOT, ADA, FTM with ULX, and USDT/USDC for farming more ULXes, USDTs and USDCs. Ultron Foundation sets aside a portion of the gas fees to reward the contributors in the liquidity pool. It is an excellent way to earn more while supporting the ecosystem’s operation.

For enthusiasts who are into staking, Ultron Swap has a pool where you can stake your ULX to get more ULXes. This pool compounds by adding the interest earned to your initial staked ULX, increasing the number of your ULX over time. Like the liquidity pool contributors, stakers will receive a percentage of the fees proportionate to their contribution.

Note: APR changes based on the supply and demand of each blockchain system.

Where do my fees go?

Ultron Swap charges a standard 0.3% Swap Fee. The distribution and utilization of the fee differ from other DEXs and contribute towards establishing a healthy and stable ecosystem. The Ultron chain gears towards stability in its ecosystem: the fee is divided into three amounts used for three different reward systems to achieve stability.

For example, a swap of 100 USDT has a swap fee of 0.30. First, 0.17 is delegated as farming rewards, a great incentive for farmers, and provides additional project liquidity. Then, the 0.03 is streamed to the xULX pool creating additional utility for the project. This also creates APR rewards and participation in staking rewards regardless of which pair is swapped. Finally, the remaining 0.10 creates constant demand through Ultron’s unique buyback system, where ULX is bought directly from the exchange allowing more swaps and taking more coins out of circulation.

Experience the Ultron Swap Supremacy

Ultron Swap is a cutting-edge decentralized exchange designed to ensure security, convenience, stability, earning opportunities, and limitless possibilities as the platform continues to grow.

Ultron Foundation built the ecosystem with sustainability in mind. Therefore, the team added features that people will utilize conveniently without compromising anonymity. Ultron’s sophisticated technology is heading towards greater milestones by providing a platform to support Defi developments.

To experience the state-of-the-art dex, all you need to do is add the Ultron mainnet and connect your Metamask wallet to ultronswap.com. The Ultron team has created a step-by-step video on how to navigate the Ultron Swap Dex and how to take advantage of its superior features.